The Kingdom of Ban’Kal

The Kingdom of Ban’Kal had fallen upon hard times. People spoke openly of revolt with in her capital city of Muris. Crops would not grow, bandits plagued her trade routes, and the morale in the army was at an all time low. In the city’s mighty castle, King Xanthor sat desperately trying to come up with a solution to the many problems that plagued his great Kingdom. For weeks he consulted the greatest oracles and sages in the land and none of them could offer him any advice that would help him to save his kingdom.

Just when all seemed lost, a mysterious Elvish traveler from distant lands appeared seeking an audience with the King. He said that his name was Gahmuret and was a representative of a group called The Brotherhood of the Spirit Drake. Few seem to know what was said in the meeting between Gahmuret and the King, but several days later a massive expedition lead by the king himself was commissioned. Within days the expedition left and the King’s adult son Prince Rothos was left in charge of the kingdom until his father’s return.

Rothos was a fair leader in his father’s absence, but with the kingdom already teetering on the brink there was very little he could do to improve the lives of his people. Almost a year passed before any word was heard from the King. One day late in the harvest season the King’s messenger approached Rothos to say that his father would be returning within the month and with him he would bring the power to restore the kingdom to its former glory.

As was promised, Xanthor returned to Muris with much fanfare and rejoicing. He appeared before his people with his son at his side and decreed that this harvest would be the greatest that had been seen in Ban’Kal in over a century. Though naturally skeptical of such promises the people reluctantly returned to their fields. A few weeks later, as promised, the yield was unimaginable. The King decreed there would be a national holiday. All would gather in the capital for a grand feast and festival where he would make a momentous announcement.

People from all over Ban’Kal came to the Capital for the grand feast. People were crammed into every building and inn and it felt as if the city would burst from its foundations. The King appeared again with his son and began to speak. He told the people that they would no longer have to fear the bandits that the capital city and its immediate borders would now be patrolled by powerful Golems that would help to keep back attackers. This freeing up of army resources would allow living soldiers to patrol trade routes as well as smaller towns and villages to protect its denizens. The people rejoiced in this news and soon the Ban’Kal was seeing unparalleled glory and wealth in its region.

For a time the kingdom thrived, but soon rumors filled Muris that all was not well in the castle. Reports surfaced of the Prince getting in heated arguments with his father and the newest advisor to the King, Gahmuret. These rumors were soon proven to be true. Within a few weeks Rothos left the castle. He was labeled a traitor by the King and was exiled from the Kingdom. Anyone who was caught associating with the Prince would also be labeled a traitor and would be jailed on the spot. Word quickly spread around the Kingdom that Rothos had joined a radical cult known as the Order of the Five Flames.

The Order began to attack small villages in the outlying parts of the Kingdom. Xanthor began to worry that he would not be able to protect his people. Surely the Order would never attempt a direct assault on Muris as the Golems would protect the city, but the entire Kingdom needed protecting. Taking advice from Gahmuret, Xanthor sent a small number of the proctor Golems to the outlying cities to aid the soldiers.

A few days after the initial Golem deployment a group of rogues broke into the castle. Somehow they were able to elude the King’s guards and his defenses and get deep into his castle. Though not saying what, the item taken from the King was of extreme value. He has posted Bills around the Kingdom seeking mercenaries and adventurers willing to undertake the quest of retrieving the stolen item.

The Kingdom of Ban'kal

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