The Kingdom of Ban'kal

The Ice Dragon Nexus
Session 2

Our intrepid band of heroes continued their journey home from the bandit camp. Skye had conjured a floating disk to Hold X and the chest containing the gem they had been told to retrieve. While walking Skye’s disk began to flicker in and out wildly. Soon interference from the magical artifact canceled out the disk completely. X and the chest plummeted to the ground. Eris tried in vain to catch the chest, but eventually fell. The chest opened as it hit the ground, the gem began to glow extremely brightly and our heroes were engulfed in a flash of light.

When the light cleared itself the adventures found themselves in a space that seemed to defy logic. The world around them was full of bright lights swirling in a vast expanse. They were standing on what felt like firm ground, but when they looked down they saw no ground, just more light. X was trapped to their left in a prison of ice and before them stood a young white dragon. The dragon seemed mad and would not listen to reason. He forced the heroes into a battle. As the battle began the prison containing X dissolved.

After a long hard fought battle the heroes were victorious in downing the dragon. As he lay there heavily wounded the Dragon tells them his name is Glaxon He explains that his essence is what drives the powerful magic of the tear but is limited due to over use. Before passing out he tells the adventurers to seek his brothers and to seek Rothos. He passes out and again there is a flash of light.

When the light clears the heroes find themselves not in the woods where they once were, but in the Muris castle infirmary. Gahmuret walks in and explains that a routine patrol found them all passed out in the woods and brought their bodies to the castle for treatment. He promises to explain to them what the gem is and what they must do next…

Southern bandit camp
Session 1

The party was asked to seek out a bandit camp to the south and retrieve an item stolen from the king that was of great importance and required a great deal of care to transport.

The group stopped to try to gather information about it, and learned little. Not wanting to risk wandering aimlessly into the woods, the Tiefling members of the group decided to pose as buyers for this artifact. They found a halfing who was involved with the group, and asked him to escort them to the camp. Knowing that they weren’t the true buyers, he set a pack of feral wolves on them, but was not able to escape. After the party handled him and the wolves, they recovered a stone enchanted to point the way to the camp.

The party followed it and scouted out the camp, finding two buildings each guarded by a handful of guards. The building that held the artifact was guarded by two archers, while the rest of the camp was patrolled by a quartet of halflings and a man with a drake.

Elven Archers from the camp

p<. Attempting to peer inside from the roof, Eris alerted the guards, and soon the entire camp was engaged in battle. The rest of the adventuring party burst out from the woods, and surprised some of the guards. Though it was hard fought, the bandits were dispatched, and no losses were suffered during the battle.

That came after.

One of the buildings contained a lockbox that held the artifact, a large pear-shaped diamond. When X touched it, her body slumped over, and her soul appeared to be contained in the box.

Skye setup a magical platform to carry the unconscious dragonborn and the box back to the city, while inside the crystal, Content Not Found: X had a vision of a large white dragon.

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